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Flame detectors
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Biomass burning, in the release of smoke and heat, but also a visible or invisible light radiation. Photographic-type flame detectors, also known as fire detectors. Diffusion flame burning under strong light and fire flame flicker frequency response characteristics of the detector, based on the optical properties of the flame, the flame detectors currently used in three ways: one is the shorter wavelength ultraviolet light radiation-sensitive detection device, and the other is a longer-wavelength infrared detector sensitive to light radiation (including multi-band infrared detectors), the third is red, ultraviolet detector complex.

UV flame detector is sensitive to high-intensity ultraviolet spectrum of a flame emission detector, which uses a solid material as the sensing element, such as silicon carbide or aluminum nitrate, an inflatable tube can also be used as sensitive element.

Infrared detector basically consists of a filter and lens system used to remove unwanted wavelengths, but will receive incoming infrared light gathered in the light-sensitive photocells or photosensitive resistor.

Flame detectors should be installed in a moment the place of explosion. Such as oil, explosives and other chemical storage areas such as manufacturing production.

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