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Combustible Gas Detector
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Combustible gas detector is a single or multiple concentrations of combustible gas detector response. Combustible gas detector with infrared type, catalyst type and semiconductor type. For gas: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, alkanes, alkynes, vinyl and other combustible gases, alcohols, ketones, benzene, gasoline and other liquid vapor.

Infrared combustible gas detector is the principle of using infrared spectroscopy detector, infrared sensor is characterized by long hours of work to maintain stability and minimum phase, non-interference, is characterized by intelligence.

Catalytic combustible gas detector is the use of refractory metal after platinum wire heating resistance changes to determine the concentration of combustible gases. When the combustible gas into the detector, caused by the platinum wire surface oxidation (flameless combustion), the heat generated by the platinum wire temperature, while the platinum wire resistance will change.

Semiconductor flammable gas detectors use high gas sensitivity of semiconductor components, it's working state, the experience of combustible gas, the semiconductor resistance down, down combustible gas concentration value and the corresponding relations.
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