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KFW Series High Pressure Water Mist System
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High Pressure Water Mist System –KFM series


System Description:

KinFire Water Mist System is unique. Water is forced through micro nozzles at very high pressure to create a water mist with the most effective fire fighting drop size distribution. The extinguishing effects give optimum protection by cooling, due to heat absorption, and inerting due to the  expansion of water by approximately 1,700 times when it evaporates. High-pressure water mist extinguishing system is formed by multistage piston pump 120-180bar (kg/cm) pressure, Water will be dripped into 0.01 mm small water mists to extinguish a fire by special high-pressure nozzle, spray area will be more than 200 .

KinFire Water Mist System provides better protection for personnel and surroundings and minimises potential water damage, as the majority of the water mist evaporates. The system is available for accommodation, total flooding, local applications and deep fat fryers, and also as a high pressure or medium pressure system.

System Component

Pump station, electrically controlled valve,High pressure water mist nozzleinstruments and pipe etc.


System Features

     Compact designed pump station

     Energy saving, Environmental Protection

     Efficient EvaporationFull space cooling fast and evenly

     Local fast suffocationefficient extinguishing

     Good atomization effect, hold gas space diffusivity

     Good electrical insulation

     Good smoke absorption, reduce harm of smoke



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