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KFF Series Foam Skid System
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KinFire Foam System-KFF Series

System description: 

Low Expansion Foam fire extinguishing system adopts to two type of discharge-Foam exhaust discharge and sprinkler extinguishing. Suitable for protect processing, storage, loading and unloading, use A (liquefied hydrocarbon except), B, C class liquid for fire.


High Expansion foam extinguishing system adopts to full flooded and local application types to extinguish fire. Application as following: (1) Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, industrial benzene class B fires etc. (2) Wood, paper, rubber, and textile etc; (3)Closed charged equipment fires; (4) Control the spill fire of liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG)

System introduction:

KinFire engineered and manufactured systems bring a rapid, thorough and economical response to all fire types. A system is more than the sum of its parts because it is designed and engineered to your application specifications.From Petrochemical and storage tank farms to mining, marine and airport facilities, and from municipal fire equipment to trucking and rail loading/unloading facilities, KinFire always have the right foam system to meet your specifications.

KinFire’s extensive engineered system line includes bladder tanks and pump type balanced pressure proportioning systems; as well as In-line balanced pressure proportioning systems.

KinFire takes extra steps in each part of our engineering and manufacturing processes. From our Knowledge Innovation and New Concept to persistence in delivering a superior product, the dedication to a high level of achievement can be found in each department, in each employee and each


Main components: 

Foam/Water Monitors; Nozzles; Eductors; Ratio Flow Controllers including our unique Ultra-

Wide Proportioner; Foam Makers and Foam Chambers; as well as specialized proportioning,

storage and monitor trailers, valve and pipeline etc, control panel as required.

Features: Foam proportioning mixing device is very stable, accurate and reliable, providing high-quality foam solution.Pressure loss of foam tank is minimum foam agent is of energy, penetrating ability that can quickly extinguish the fire. Saving foam and reduce fire costs.

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