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KFP Series Kitchen wet powder fire extinguishing system
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Kitchen wet powder fire extinguishing system


System description:

Kitchen fire causes a certain temperature that make the detectors disconnected distributed on the top of the stove (temperature fusible sheet).

while wirerope, connected to the detector ,release. automatic mechanical release device act ,nitrogen through pressure relief devices (100PIS) into the agent tank, the agent is extruded and injected through pipe out to the stove, while the nitrogen pressure make water bottle valve action, when the agent injection is completed, the system begins spray water to the stove for cooling the surface of the stove, so that the fire on the stove can be extinguished due to the inhibition of agent and water cooling.



System introduction:

KinFire Wet Chemical System will be assembled in a cabinet,installs out of sight, remains on duty around the clock and uses wet chemical fire suppression agent that minimises post-fire clean-up. It rapidly detects and suppresses fire in any type of cooking appliance before there is extensive damage or costly business interruption. It reach and exceeds the stringent requirements of the UL 300 Standard, NFPA 96 and 17A and other regulatory and insurance requirements.


Equipment components: Control box , gas shut-off valve, detector , nozzle , remote manual switch , the agent pipeline., and main part control box is composed of four parts- an agent tank (include agent) , nitrogen bottle, automatic mechanical release device , water release device.

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