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KFP Series Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishing System
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Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishing System - KFP Series


System Description:Dry Chemical powder system can be applied to B, C fires and special fire, also to class A, D, E. Dry Chemical Extinguishing system comprise of dynamic high pressured Nitrogen and special drey chemical powder in high-pressure tank.Dry chemical powder as a certain proportion, forming gas-solid two phase mixture. Expelled by a high pressured Nitrogen gas to protected area in a very short time.


Dry chemical is an excellent extinguishing agent due to its rapid flame suppressing capability on hydrocarbon, three-dimensional and natural gas pressure fires. Large skid mounted dry chemical units can be provided for fixed location handling operations or fixed systems installations.

The fixed system units are provided without hose reels and with the nitrogen cylinders standing upright in a rack for accessibility. Dry chemical powder can be auotmatically discharged into a separate networks and combined distribution network systems by two types- total flood and local application to extinguish fire.The handline units are provided with hose reels mounted on the unit, and the nitrogen cylinders lying horizontally underneath the reel(s). They can also be mounted on trucks or trailers if mobile capability is required.

System Introduction:

KinFire designs and manufactures our own line of large, expertly engineered Dry Chemical Systems. The units are an effective means of controlling 3-dimensional Class “B” (flammable liquid) and Class “C” (electrical) fires. KinFire’s Dry Chemical Systems will effectively extinguish large flowing fuel and gas/liquid pressure fires where other types of equipment and agents may be ineffective. And system can be used for area where electrical power still be turned on. It can be used for extra low and hign temperature,and the powder can be soraged for a long time. 


KinFire’s systems are frequently used in offshore locations. These units can be provided in several different sizes ranging from 200 lbs up to 2,500 lbs. The dry chemical is contained within an ASME coded pressure vessel with a working pressure of 200 psi. The dry chemical is expelled by nitrogen cylinders mounted on the skid unit. The nitrogen is supplied through a pressure-regulating valve into a manifold and then piped to the dry chemical storage container.


System components: Dry Chemical Powder agent,High pressure nitrogen bottles, Pressure vessel, Pipeline,Units piped into a fixed system , Dischagre Nozzle, control system etc.



Feature:Rugged construction;skid constructed of structural steel;ASME coded pressure vessel;200-psi working pressure


Options:Remote hose reel;Turret nozzle;Corrosion resistant package

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