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KFA Series Fire Alarm System
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KFA-JB-QB/LD128E (Q) fire alarm control (linkage type) is the second bus intelligent fire alarm controller, sub-4 detection circuits, the largest equipment points to 1024 points. The controller uses the SCM control technology and multi-processor work, in addition to the aircraft can be used alone, but also multi-machine can be composed of no other master-slave network. The system with the I E / EN series of detectors, modules, hand reports and other related equipment, widely used in medium and small fire projects. Product conformity assessment through the Ministry of Public Security Fire Center and National Fire Electronic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in accordance with GB4717-2005 "Fire Alarm Control", GB16806-2006 "fire control system", GB/T19001-2000 "quality management system requirements" test and audit, in line with certification requirements, to obtain fire protection products 3C certification.
Type: KFA10-JB-QB/LD128E (Q)
Use of the environment: Suitable for a variety of civil / industrial buildings and certain petrochemicals a danger zone

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