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Beijing KinFire Equipment Co.,Limited
ADD:Rm. 8-1-1958,178 BeiYuan Rd., Asia Game Village,Chaoyang Dist. Beijing,100101,China
Tel:010-5841 2232,5841 2233, 6482 1723
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KinFire is one of leader in the business of providing professional and excellent fire fighting solution,whatever for Commercial Building,Power Plant,Petroluem-Chemical Plant, Aircraft Hangar.library and Computer Center,KinFire can make our world more safe!

Taking technology as our background, development as our mainstream,innoation as our motivation, KinFire is active in this competitive industrial market for long time since establishment.With our  prefect organization,comprehensive management, professional and stable technical team, we have established a modern and professional project mechinism with effective management and innotivation.

The system what KinFire provide include Fire Alarm System (such as all intelligence,linear laser detector and industrial equipment in hazardous area),Wet/Dry Sprinkler System,Water Mist System and Foam System etc.Thank to foundation of KinFire and its rich experience in the industrial area, we can provide you with the best servives for your fire system.

1.     KFA series: Conventinal & Intelligentic fire alarm,linear heat detector,laser fire detection system

2.     KFex Series: Flame detector,Gas Detector and all kinds of explosive proof devices in hazardous area.

The system will include all kinds of expolosive proof alarm bell, strobe, horm, speaker, manual call point, smoke detector, heat detector, input/output control module etc, and other special explosive proof device which is used for hazardous area.

3.     KFW series: Wet/Dry sprinkler system,Water mist system, Marine spray system

Water spinkler extinguishing system is a fixed extinguishing system which can automatically send alarm signal and extinguish the fire. It include the following component: Sprinkler,control valve,detection control unit, water pipe net. This system is reliable,unharmful for enviroment, economic, simple-maintence, high efficetive for extinguishing, especially for earlier fire.

Pre-assembled water cooling and extinguishing unit is popularly applied for Petroleum and Chemical oil tank.

Water Mist system is latest water extinguishing system which is developed from water spinkler system. Since water is the best and traditional extinguishing agent for all fire, so the high pressure water agent will be the best replacement for all the chemical agent in future.

Marine Spray System include lots of special material for marine application.

4.     KFF series: Foam concentrate, Foam Proportioner Skid and other Foam hardware devices.

5.     KFG series: CO2, FM200, IG541 and other clean agent extinguishing system

6.     KFP series:  Dry Chemical Powder system, Twin agent system.

Dry Chemical Powder system include extinguishing nozzle, Powder Storage Tank and expelling Nitrogen etc. The pressured Nitrogen will expel the dry chemical form storage tank to discharge nozzle. The mobile or fixed system is avialibe upon you application.  

Twin agent system combine the most advanced concepts of dry chemical and AFFF agents, the systems utilize nitrogen to charge and expel a combination of dry chemical in one vessel (to extinguish the fire) and the premix foam solution to blanket the flame-free surface. Through the twin hose assembly very effecyive against 3 dimensional and pressuried fuel fires and spills as well as the securing, cooling and sealing ability of AFFF.


7.     KFE series: Fire hydrant, Fire Hose,Fire Monitor, Fire Cabinet, Extinguisher in hazardous area, a nd other customer-made fire fighting equipment

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